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FAQ 🎤 How long are the videos? Are they uncut? Update Frequency?

What is this Hallo -Orgasms-ween Week??

This is our launch week (indeed more thana week but anyways, good things might and should be prolonged! Always.) So that we would like to share the excitement with everyone who might consider to join. Normal casual membership price is 29.95 USD per Month to this site but in this very first LAUNCH Week of ours, we made it 50+% OFF for you, if you would like to join!UNTIL 31 October 2019 23:59 PST!!After that we will go back to regular price 29.95 USD Monthly

How long are the movies?

Each video is between ~20 and ~30 minutes, mostly over 20 as the girls have no limitations and or any scripts to follow. All we want from them is REAL, authentic and natural orgasms.

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How many orgasms they should have?

There is no limits and or any script and or any mandatory number but as a principal there should be at least 1 natural and real orgasm per video, per girl.

Is there any visual effect on videos? I don´t like them..

No. Except a very small introduction for a few seconds and a very small transparent URL at the very bottom right on the corner of the videos which can be barely seen.

Are the videos uncut?

Yes, there is no cut, no edits, no “after effects” or music on the videos. All ambient, real sound, voice(s) and whatever is there, native and naturally “yours”.

What is the update frequency?

We have launched with 2-3 new video additions per 2-3 days already and have our 20 Videos in just in a few short days as the base, established. Our aim is adding around at least 2-3 video per each week and to reach 200+ Updates very soon and than of course growing more in middle and long term per our visitor and members´ views and wishes. Check the UPDATE LOG here.

When did this site established?

October 2019, before that legal and technical infrastructures arranged and from last year, 2018 through 2019 the shootings were done (and we go shoot new scenes for sure), Official Launch date is 25 October 2019

Is my information safe and my data transmitted here secure and private?

Yes, for sure. For billing we work with CCBill, a well known 20+ years old industry giant and all of our content, along with the site and everything you see / use / will see and use comply with all laws, protected by laws and presented to protect our users (and potential users). Our user management and billing is also run by them, a third party company, which you may always online or by phone get support in any case.


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